west vincent on the peoples’ radar again: rising up about birchrunville

I haven’t had much to say lately about West Vincent.  First of all, nothing is changing, just more of the same old same old….including everyone but the cows at Ken Miller’s farm are being told they are the fine feathered friend Chickenman.  That gets old, who cares,  and besides they gave up burning witches at the stake centuries ago, right?

What doesn’t get old in West Vincent, apparently, are mysterious acts of retribution. Yeah, everyone knows it goes on and they are not paranoid delusions of residents. Stuff like that happens every day, and not just in West Vincent.

But West Vincent hasn’t been Mayberry Sleepy…. and there still seems to be stuff going on “on the down low”.

Chickenman’s e-mail the other day made me wonder if it was time for an update.  He wanted people to read an article in The Daily Local about proposed development of the old township building property, which is apparently a historic school house.

Here we go again.

By SARA MOSQUEDA-FERNANDEZ smfernandez@dailylocal.com

WEST VINCENT — Residents are concerned about office buildings proposed in Birchrunville, and they want township supervisors to reject the plans as inappropriate for their historic village center.

The applicant for the Birch Run Village plan seeks to construct three two-story office buildings, each of about 2,500 square feet, on a total of 2.5 acres.

 The property is at the corner of Flowering Springs Road and School House Lane. The school house on the adjoining parcel was built in 1833 and was formerly used as the township’s administrative building.

 According to Supervisor Clare Quinn, the zoning for the area is mixed use, which allows small commercial development.

Suzanne M. Roth, who sits on the township’s Environmental Advisory Committee, hopes more residents realize what the proposal means.

“We just really want to make sure that people understand the amount of development that’s being proposed for this property, the impact that it’s going to have on all of our lives,” said Roth. “This keeps changing, but at the moment it looks like there will be (three) two-story buildings.”

According to Township Manager Jim Wendlegass, Birch Run Village Leasing LLC originally submitted a land-development application in late 2004. That was denied, he said, and a new plan was submitted last year.

The township’s Planning Commission advised supervisors to reject waivers sought by the developers for the project….“This is an historic village with roads to match,” said Roth. “If the property is developed as planned for each parking space allotted, there will be eight car trips anticipated to travel our roads.”

That would mean about 256 to 270 more cars passing her house  daily or turning around somewhere in the village to enter the office complex, Roth said.

“Township police cannot enforce the 15 mph speed limit on the lower portion of School House Lane now,” she said.

 Ethan Schofield, whose property also neighbors the site, hopes that more residents will become aware about the issues at hand…Kenny Carroll, a resident of the township since 1973, said he was specifically concerned with impacts on the environment. “The Birchrun Creek, an exceptional value creek, will be seriously impacted by this development,” said Carroll…According to Carroll, another issue is the development’s impact on the schoolhouse building. “This building is an historical building,” said Carroll.

….Roth and other residents have put together a website, http://www.birchrunvillepeople.com/, with more information about their concerns on the project, hoping to inform the township and community members about these and other issues.

Clare Quinn?  How can anyone believe a thing that comes out of her mouth?  Isn’t she Chester County’s reigning queen of eminent domain is a good thing?  And well, don’t all the residents pay her health insurance via tax dollars, making her right up there with sucking off the proverbial public teat, yes?

In general, where is the need for this development?  Did residents request it?  Are there businesses lined up with signed leases waiting to move in?  How does this work? This isn’t just a suburb, it’s the country, and one of the largest problems with Chester County as beautiful as it is, are these odd business developments that never look exactly full.  Who decided there was an actual need, or is this a build it and they will come scenario? I don’t understand.

Malvern is already learning how their development that will be super-sized and traffic clogging will impact the borough economically.  Suffice it to say, it will not be the cash cow officials thought it would be.  And lordy it has taken David Della Porta long enough to get one of his New Urbanism Fantasy Plans through.  He’s a nice man, I have met him, but I have heard him chirp this all before – it’s just with the Borough of Malvern he finally found his perfect rubes.  He said at a ground breaking after the fact:

“What I mean by that is, the first urban-esque, mixed-use, transit-oriented development,” he said. “There’s really nothing in Philadelphia suburbs like this, where you have retail-residential involved in a great existing place that already has a beautiful little town, the services and the train station within walking distance.”

Urban-esque?  Hello, why do people move to the suburbs?  Why do people move to the country?  Is it so they can eventually feel the urban of it all they moved away from?  Call me crazy, but I don’t think so.

So West Vincent residents, lovers of Birchrunville, what say you?  Is this what you want?  It seems to me that a lot of different voices are saying “no”, aren’t there?

The problem is, this dopey plan will go through unless fought tooth and nail.  And I hope people get political.  Let your Congressman up for re-election know how you feel too.  Hasn’t he received a tidy sum of donations from power brokers and decision makers in West Vincent?  Donations are nice, but votes get an elected official where they need to go, so always let them know how you feel about local issues even if they are not directly involved.  Especially during a big election year.

Now, let’s also use this as a reminder as to why West Vincent needs term limits and new supervisors.

And here is the new website Birchrunville People: Preserving the Village of Birchrunville:

Check out the TRAFFIC TAB:

4-Way Stop Sign is Being Planned for the Intersection of Flowing Springs Rd. and School House Lane!

See the photo below of the new notice marking at the intersection, and scroll down to see the Caruolo Associates’ Traffic Report which “strongly disagrees” with the creation of the 4-way stop at this intersection! This will be an extremely hazardous intersection for vehicles driving up and down Flowing Springs, especially in the the winter! 

Why should the People of Birchrunville be put in danger for the sake of one corporation’s financial interest?

Check out the History Tab and The Actions Tab:

What Can You Do?

    1. Attend the West Vincent Township meetings (see Calendar).  Share your thoughts with the township Board of Supervisors and the Planning Committee.  Keep your comments and questions civil and respectful– these township officials are our neighbors and friends and they are committed to serving the township and upholding its laws.
    2. Stay informed.  We will try to keep this website up-to-date with the latest developments.
    3. Write letters.  Put your concerns and questions in writing and send them to:
      West Vincent Township Board of Supervisors: 729 St. Matthews Road Chester Springs, PA 19425           Pennsylvania State Senator: Sen. Andrew E. Dinniman One North Church Street West Chester, PA 19380
      Chester County Historical Preservation Network: http://www.cchpn.org/contact.htm
      PennDOT (PA Dept. of Transportation): Francis J Hanney Traffic control services manager fhanney@state.pa.gov
      Fire Safety:

Birchrunville’s first responder: Kimberton Fire Company P.O. Box 99 Kimberton, Pennsylvania 19442 Phone: 610 935-1388 Fax: 610-935-3956

Others Serving West Vincent: Ridge Fire Company #1 480 Ridge Road Spring City, PA 19475-9678 Phone: (610) 495-6063 Fax: (610) 495-5106 RidgeFH@RidgeFireCompany.com
Ludwig’s Corner Fire Company 1325 North Pottstown Pike Glenmoore PA 19343 Station #73 Phone: (610) 458-8479 Fax: (610) 458-2562
Check this page regularly for more opportunities to get involved and make a difference!

There is also a forum with comments worth reading

Good for these residents for stepping up and having a say!   But it is West Vincent, so who knows how it will end up. All I know is little country roads are just that: little.  And you only get so many chances to keep water sources clean and once an environment is gone, etc., it’s gone.

It’s a damn shame that the politicians in West Vincent and the taxpayer-funded staff do not really get the value of the charm of this area that will disappear once they turn it into Little Eagle.  I can’t wait for the CVS with fake Victorian gables.

Sigh.  More dumbness.



sharing summer recipes: couscous and cornbread

Yes, I am one of those crazy people who cooks even when it is hot.  I have two dead simple recipes to share with my readers today.  They are not necessarily to be served together, I just happened to be fiddling after gardening.

One is a summer salad with Israeli Couscous, and the second is my spin on cornbread.  Cornbread to me is summer and fall.


Oven pre-heated to 425 degrees.

  • dash of ground ginger
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 1 3/4 cup cornmeal
  • 1/2 cup sugar (white)
  • 3/4 cup flour (I use organic all-purpose)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (if you use sea salt, make it a scant teaspoon)
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 1/2 cups milk (I used 2 percent today, but anything except skim will work)
  • 4 tablespoons buttermilk powder
  • 1 egg
  • 4 or 5 tablespoons of butter
  • turbinado sugar
  • 1 teaspoon good vanilla extract

Grease and flour a loaf pan.

Mix all the “wet” ingredients together.  You can do it with a whisk.  I do add the melted butter slowly and last into the wet.  You don’t want to cook your egg, after all.

Combine all the dry ingredients and whisk into the wet ingredients.  Pour in your prepared pan and top the batter with a dusting of turbinado sugar.

Pop into your pre-heated oven and  cook about 25 minutes.  Today I cooked it a couple of minutes more, other times a couple of minutes less – depends on the oven.  When the cornbread is slightly brown on top, maybe a couple of cracks on the top and a skewer or knife comes out clean, the bread is finished.  Take it out, let it cool, remove from pan.

Easy and delicious.

This bread is yummy plain, with butter, with jams or preserves, or honey.  I like cornbread with honey.  Right now the honey I have is from right here in West Chester – Carmen B’s.

Summer Salad With Israeli Couscous 


  • 1 cup Israeli Couscous
  • Spring onions
  • Parsley (fresh flat leaf Italian – I grow it in my garden)
  • Mint (I grow peppermint and curly mint which is a spearmint)
  • 5 or 6 ounces of crumbled Queso Fresco
  • Jayshree Kosher Salt Garden Seasoning (from Florida, their stuff is terrific)
  • olive oil
  • wine vinegar
  • one fresh lemon, juiced
  • fresh radishes
  • pine nuts (optional)
  • salt, pepper to taste
  • garlic powder

Boil the dry Israeli Couscous in about 3 cups of water according to directions on package of whatever brand you buy (around 12 minutes.)  Drain it and shock it with a quick dash of cold water and toss into a bowl.  Israeli Couscous is larger, and looks like little wheat colored pearls.  You can’t substitute regular couscous for this recipe.  It is specifically designed for the Israeli Couscous.

Chop up a few spring onions (or a bunch of scallions), one or two tomatoes, small bunch of Italian flat leaf parsley, small bunch of fresh mint (you CAN’T substitute dried mint, it will taste gross, so don’t even try), fresh radishes.  Season with Jayshree Kosher Salt Garden Seasoning and fresh ground pepper OR Season with regular salt and pepper. The Jayshree Kosher Salt Garden Seasoning is well worth ordering, or Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt would work too.  Not Lowry’s Seasoned Salt – ick.  Plain salt and pepper might be too bland, but it is entirely up to you.

Toss ingredients lightly and create a simple dressing from the lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic.  Whisk the vinaigrette together and pour over salad mixture.   Add crumbled Queso and pine nuts if you so choose.  Toss again and refrigerate.

Easy and delicious.

All the veggies I put in my summer salad with Israeli Couscous today came from the East Goshen Farmers Market.  I would love to share recipes with the market, but apparently, I am too different a person for  the market manager to handle, or I am not politically correct enough, or both.  She had contacted me , wanting to link my blog to the EGFM blog, but then changed her mind.  I was fine with that (and felt bad at the time that she was obviously so uncomfortable having to tell me “oops”).  You see, Birchrun Hills Farms is a producer at this market, I am not changing my mind on how I feel about Farmer-Supervisor Miller and his part in the attempted eminent domain for private gain of Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds, or the dubious shenanigans in West Vincent.  This is why yesterday, when I had a lunch meeting at White Dog Cafe in Wayne, I passed over a couple of luncheon dishes that were advertised as being made with Birchrun Hills Farm products.

I do however, love the East Goshen Farmers Market even if Madam Market was so impossibly rude last week to me it was embarrassing and hurtful at the same time.  Which given her perky PTA mom persona the rest of the time I have seen her (which is only at the market), was somewhat shocking. It was last week’s behavior that has made me mention the drama a second and last time on this blog.

I am new to this community, so a lot of people are getting to know me.  I totally get that.  But I believe in being active and helpful in one’s community (paying things forward), and last week the EGFM said they were looking for input on gluten-free bakeries and products.  So I stopped to give feedback.  The conversation kind of  came to a screeching halt when she snapped at me how she was a nutritionist.  I am a breast cancer survivor, but I don’t go around snapping that at people when they talk about the disease and possibly use incorrect buzz words and such.  And if I am working on a community event and someone is kind enough  to offer feedback when I solicit it, I am always glad to listen.  After all, you never know where the next great idea will come from.  And well, heck, I know people who have started these farm markets and hired bakeries in this area for organic and gluten free.  I also have friends who live utterly gluten free lives and have to bake on their own because the variety of what they find at gluten free bakeries doesn’t suit their allergies.


I don’t need this gal as a BFF (and since I am blogging about it, a precisely made voodoo doll may be in the process of being crafted or the Welcome Wagon might run me over, I simply don’t know), but I will tell you what, being a newcomer into an area versus being part of the established community has shown me again why you shouldn’t judge before you get to know someone.  Live and let live, and her loss.   I will never be rude to this person, and I will be happy to support the market because it is truly fabulous and with the exception of one farm, full of wonderful vendors.  In that regard she has done a marvelous job.  She can’t help the rest of it.  Just her nature.

To the rest of you, my readers and the people I am meeting here and there as I settle into Chester County, thank you for the warm and friendly welcome.  I look forward to sharing more with you on this blog as the spirit moves me.

Happy cooking!

lordy, warped mayberry has their feathers in a bunch

[gigya width=”440″ height=”420″ src=”http://v6.tinypic.com/player.swf?file=r0cc4j&s=6″ quality=”high” flashvars=”gig_lt=1338420759817&gig_pt=1338421321637&gig_g=2&gig_n=wordpress” wmode=”tranparent” ]
Original Video– More videos at TinyPic


“Chickenman Posse”?   Seriously?  The Farmer-Supervisor needs to do something about his bride.  She seems positively off her meds.  Who wears the pants in that family, anyway?


I don’t know who Chickenman is, but I know who he ISN’T.  And truthfully, having been a blogger for a few years, what’s with all the positively medieval who shot J.R. over who a blogger is underneath the handle?


Anonymous writing, or a nom de plume, a pen name is as old a tradition in this country as 1776.  Let’s see, who of our founding fathers had pen names….ahhh yes, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and  Thomas Paine come to mind.   And why did they do it?  I think they were fighting corruption and tyranny or something like that, right? Aaron Cometbus, Silence Dogood, Alice Addertongue, Sui Juris,Novanglus….


In any event, from what I have seen of Chickenman, his documents either come from West Vincent or from Chester County’s website, so I don’t get the uproar or the call for taxpayer money to be used to unmask a resident?


Wowee.  I realize I am new to the party of watching the soap opera in Chester County affectionately dubbed the “As the West Vincent Turns”, but they had me at attempted eminent domain for private gain….


And you wonder why I don’t care to purchase products from Birchrun Hills Farms.

Sign me eyes rolling and not Chickenman, just a Chickenman Fan.  Guess that means she’ll be talking about me, a non-resident at the next meeting? And here I am watching Hatfields & McCoys on the History Channel….and this is so much more backwoods Gothic.

West Vincent is a truly warped Mayberry.  These people are quackers.



east goshen farmers market is today!

Yay!  The farmers’ market is this afternoon in East Goshen Park.  I encourage all my readers to support local farmers whenever possible.

Yes, some of the farmers here are from Lancaster and Berks counties, but you are still supporting Pennsylvania agriculture.   I will admit however, that I am disappointed that they don’t have more local Chester County farmers like Farmer Bob from Sugartown Strawberries represented at the market.

And once again, I can and will boycott one purveyor at East Goshen Farmers Market – Birchrun Hills Farm, which is owned by West Vincent Supervisor and lover of Eminent Domain Ken Miller.  Maybe if he hadn’t tried to make the Ludwig’s Corner Horse Show Grounds disappear and hadn’t done a lot of other skunk worthy things, I wouldn’t be so tough on his farm.   But you don’t have to take my word for it – check out Chickenman or aswestvincentturns on You Tube – Even The Daily Salvo has picked up on the manure stench of West Vincent.

The East Goshen Farmers Market wants to know what we make with our goodies gleaned from the market.  From last week’s bounty I made a Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp.  Extra yummy due to a touch of tamarind nectar and a dash of cardamom.

See you at the market!

stumbled upon: east goshen farmers market

So it’s Thursday and there I am wandering around and as I was driving up past East Goshen’s park (which is awesome, by the way), I see a sign that says “Farmers Market Today 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.”

They had me at “hello” as I love farmers markets.

This farmers market had made its debut last year, and well, this year the market has grown up and is a great thing to see.

It was packed.

As I wandered around, I saw some of my favorite purveyors from the Bryn Mawr Farmers Market which my friend Molly put together a few   years ago now.  I was pleased to see Frecon Farms, John & Kira’s Chocolates (if you are a chocoholic you will want to splurge on them!), and Shellbark Hollow Farm.

I was also happy to see Laura’s Biscotti from Malvern  is on the roster (these biscotti are the real deal and the only ones I have ever bought since I generally make my own ) and had fun discovering Veronica’s Doggie Delights–now dog approved in my house!   And Chaikhana Chai was there and they rock out loud – I am a fan of their products as their chai is in Du Jour in Haverford.

I also saw that St. Peter’s Bakery was there and had fun chatting with the ladies of Blueberry Hill Farm.

I have strawberry-rhubarb something on my mind for cooking and the rhubarb I bought from Blueberry Hill was gorgeous.

One fly in the ointment and a farmer I won’t support even if hell freezes over are those fine folks from Birchrun Hills Farm.  I will not put money in the pockets of eminent domain loving FarmerSupervisorRoadmaster Ken Miller and his wife.  They are a personal choice boycott. If you are interested in why I made that choice, simply catch up with your Chickenman reading.

In any event, don’t let one slezoid farmer-politcian keep you away from the East Goshen Farmers Market – it’s a good thing!


I even made a new dog friend.  His name is Shakespere and he is a tri-pod rescued English Springer Spaniel.

Over and out…off to peruse all things rhubarb.

what is it with west vincent?

As an outsider I marvel that one tiny municipality has so many odd issues.  I don’t understand how residents continue to allow these people to be in office?  I applaud those who speak up at public meetings and encourage those who whisper from the side lines to also get up and speak.

These local yokel government officials like “Queen of Eminent Domain” Clare Quinn, “Shucks the Farmer” Ken Miller (and if Restaurant Alba in Malvern is serving his farm’s meat I won’t be patronizing them any time soon – and I am allowed to make that personal choice), and “Squire” David Brown only have as much power as the residents allow them to have.  If Chickenman can put it out there and others can get up at meetings and speak, then it isn’t just a couple of malcontents as this local government would have you think.  And that is what they want you to think.

It seems apparent to all who peek inside West Vincent that this municipality is run by very ambitious people who seem to do whatever it takes to preserve their fiefdom, but should it remain their fiefdom?

West Vincent used to be this cool little crossroads place full of woods and rolling fields.  People wandered comfortably about in their Wellies and old trucks and it was fine.  Then West Vincent was discovered.  All of a sudden you have McMansion dwellers complaining about skeet shooting. Lordy I bet they complain about the sirens at the fire house too, don’t they?  I guess it can be said shiny nouveau has discovered a pretty part of Chester County, and that is fine, but it doesn’t mean that the place has to be developed into oblivion complete with nine thousand soccer fields and whatever that will not only never get used, but will never be maintained properly.

Look around Chester County, Chester County residents and you will notice if you open your eyes that Chester County is being developed at a pace that needs to pause and think.  Once the land and open space is gone, it’s gone.  And given the economy, I still do not understand how all this development can be justified.  And how many box stores are needed?  Who is paying for all this zoning that often runs contradictory unto itself as well as being rather confusing?  Who REALLY benefits from all these grand plans and zoning changes?  How high will taxes go to compensate for all this?  Who will be a steward for the land and practice true conservation, not just preach about it because it gives good sound bytes?  Once Chester County is all developed where will all the farm critters and horses go?  How can people not try to preserve more of the farmland which is historically quite fine? Who will preserve the historic homes and other structures?  Does the world also really want to live in plastic townhouses perched on the edge of highways?  Do you want that world that loves plastic houses shaping your community that you were born and raised in or do you want to be a real and viable partner in your futures?  Are you content to let petty municipal leaders to pat you on the head and say “good resident, you work for us”?

Sorry, don’t mean to be on a soap box, but what I see happening in Chester County is the same nonsense that has ruined parts of the Main Line.

Whether you are politically liberal or conservative it doesn’t really matter, this is about where you live so everything is local.  Don’t be an ostrich, that is all I am saying.

Chickenman has some interesting updates that I think people should read.  Is it true regional media is still watching West Vincent?  Very interesting if true.

And why is it that West Vincent public meetings do not seem to be televised anywhere?  All municipalities in PA have access to public access channels and the minutes are slow to load on the West Vincent website and quite sanitized when posted and why is that?  Is West Vincent also anti-sunshine? Why can’t they say for example split a channel with their local school district? Shouldn’t people be able to see meetings live on TV like most other municipalities?

5 April Length of meetings:

Hi, Just a couple things for today. I was interested in the length of the meetings since David Brown thinks the meetings take too long and is working on Township legislation to limited public comment. I thought that perhaps if the meetings lasted 2-3 hours, he could have a point. So, in fairness to Mr. Brown,  I   decided to review all of the minutes for the last year (2011). I listed the dates and the lengths of each meeting, per the record…..42 minutes on average. That includes all public comments. 42 minutes. Where’s the problem? Since David Brown became Supervisor, the average has jumped to 1 hour, 7 minutes, an  increase of 30%. I am sure it is an anomaly. Either way, I   cannot find a reason to stop people from voicing their concern.   I would have calculated the other posted years, 2010 and 2009 but the minutes are not there. They are listed, but not there.   They were promised to be posted “soon”, back in the  Fall of 2011, over 4 months ago.

8 April Millers debts.  Again.

Hi  On Monday, April 9, 2012, West Vincent  Township will open bids for the mowing of sprayfields for  Weatherstone and Matthews Meadows, approximately 21 acres. To  review for the new(er) readers and for the long term  subscribers, the award of the mowing bid last year was given to  Ken Miller, Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors   of West Vincent Township. The value of that contract was around $21,500. Last year several sprayheads were damaged. Only AFTER I  did research and exposed the fact the the only person that could        have done the damage was Ken Miller, he was forced into paying. Even then he only took claim for two. The third was left to the   taxpayers, between a $400-$500 bill. Thanks Ken……TOTAL: $114,357.59. Say it out loud. ONE   HUNDRED FOURTEEN THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED FIFTY SEVEN DOLLARS AND  FIFTY-NINE CENTS. Bigger than ever.   All the Judgments/Liens follow   this submission for review. There are 12 pages.   I urge the readers to look them up in the Chester County Courthouse. It is public information.  Don’t worry. Ken should be able to pay these off once the bond   re-fi comes through because there will be lots of roadwork money     to skim. Your kids can cover it through the year 2031. Or, as Clare Quinn says, “You can move”.

11 April Ken Miller’s Lawyers

After posting the most recent Judgments for Ken Miller, Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of West Vincent Township, I thought I would look into his legal representation. In the Land O’ Lakes lawsuit, Ken is protesting and has a lawyer to defend him. The Attorney’s name is Michael Thomas
Taylor and here is what I      discovered. Mr. Thomas works for the firm of Siana, Bellwoar and McAndrew, LLP.  This means that the West Vincent Township attorney Steven Siana is representing Ken Miller. Has this happened before?      In short, yes.

Ken was sued by Eleanor Morris (the co-founder of the French and Pickering Conservation Trust) in 2005 for $118,000 and who represented Mr. Miller at that time? Stephen V Siana and Michael Thomas Taylor.

When Ken was being sued by East Coventry Township in 2011 for not paying rent on ground for 3 years, guess who tried several times to orally negotiate a lower settlement? Steven V  Siana.  In the end, Ken was forced to pay the entire bill.

We all know now that Ken Miller  has less than no money. How does he pay his legal bills? If  the Township attorney is representing him,is there a better than good possibility that the West Vincent taxpayer and voter is paying his bills? ……The legal documents are attached. 

To see my previous mailings please click        on http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos        

If everything Chickenman has up is true I guess the old adage is true if you are part of the “in crowd” , huh?  That there is no place like home?  Only if I was Dorothy, I might grab Toto and click my heels three times to escape….wow The Land of Oz indeed.

An end note is that I have been warned not to talk so much about West Vincent because they come after people?  Really?  Freedom of speech and public information and opinion are for other people?  West Vincent is hardly the sole focus of this blog, but it keeps opening itself up to public scrutiny.  When a municipality runs the way it is supposed to and the politics are clean, no one finds it interesting.  It’s when things seem ok in part, but odd in part, or curious in part or residents’ questions and concerns go unlistened to and un answered that people start looking inside the proverbial barn, so how is this my fault????  I mean really.


west vincent has hay fever?

The funny things people send me.  So there is this new mystery blog that does not allow comments advertising free hay and getting paid to mow it in West Vincent:

 Ok so I wondered why give away the hay?  So I went to West Vincent’s website and pulled up the bid.  Mowing of Sewage Treatment Spray Fields? Is that like poopy grass? ICK!

Well it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.  Why can’t they make Farmer Extraordinaire Supervisor Ken Miller do it as a swap for that West Vincent land he farms on?  Seems to be the perfect job for him, yes?

And speaking of Farmer Ken, is it just me or is everyone not allowed to post comments on Birchrun Hills Farms Facebook page? Are they afraid of a lil’ ol’ blogger?   And what’s up with their rogue farm market at their farm?  Has anyone gone?  They are there with overpriced Oley Mushrooms and a couple others.



all roads lead to problems in west vincent?

The following letter was sent to me. Apparently it was read aloud at the most recent West Vincent Board of Supervisors meeting:

West Vincent Board of Supervisors
March 26, 2012

To the members of the Board of Supervisors, past and present; the Township Manager; the Zoning Officer and the solicitors who oversee our township business:

My husband, George T. Graham, D.D. S., and I, Suzanne M. Roth; wish to express our profound disappointment with the lack of oversight displayed by the Board and its advisors to protect our Historic School House property.

We now face a 10,000 to 12,500 square foot office complex on this 2.78 acre property which far exceeds reasonable development. We do not believe that a Fiscal Impact Statement should be waived. This is an historic village with roads to match. If the property is developed as planned for each parking space allotted there will be 8 cars trips anticipated to travel our roads. That would mean approximately 256-270 more cars passing our house on a daily basis or turning around somewhere in the village to enter the office complex. With this amount of volume we will need a traffic light at the cross roads of School House Land and Flowing Springs Road and a 3 way stop at the juncture of Hollow Road and School House Lane to prevent accidents. The steep grades and lack of sight lines should make this necessary.

The township police cannot enforce the 15 MPH speed limit on the lower portion of School House Lane now. I believe this added volume will make us ripe for accidents. As it is now most of the people who travel this portion of the road DO NOT OBEY the speed limit and many small collisions occur as evidenced by the amount of mirror glass on the road and its verges. In inclement weather we have had 2 very major accidents at the corner of School House Lane and Hollow Road; one when a car went airborne off School House Lane and clipped the side of the Sladek house and moved the LP gas tank and another when a car again went airborne off Hollow Road and entered the Sladek barn on the second floor level.

Working plans drawn by Edward B. Walsh in May 1991 to enable the installation of utility sheds on this same property show an active stream and wetlands. In fact the buildings were moved to comply with a then 50 foot set back from the stream. As the plan stands now all evidence of these natural resources has been removed. The stream has been piped and the wetlands denuded and filled with stone. We believe these changes have adversely impacted a tributary of the Birch Run, an exceptional value stream.

Has the capacity of the well been determined? Can it support 4 buildings and their occupants?

The sewage facilities have been placed along School House Lane above the planned buildings. If this site fails where will the alternative site be? Is this sewage sight 150 feet from the still shown wetlands?

There has been No Notification from Birchrun Village, L.L.C. to the surrounding neighbors regarding any of the changes or proposed changes to this property.

With the addition of 3 buildings on this property the increase in light pollution will magnify. Now, if lights are left on in the evening or overnight the light enters the bedrooms of surrounding neighbors. What will be the effect when a parking lot for 32-34 cars is illuminated?

We would like to see the separate plan sheet submitted showing truck and emergency vehicle access around the entire development as suggested by John Caruolo, P.E. We understand there has been a letter written to the township by the local fire departments. We would like to have copies and review these letters.

We strongly believe that the Birchrun Village, LLC. should not be given a waiver to put buildings and parking spaces within the 150 foot set back of streams. Our zoning calls for a set back of 150 feet from an historic building. Their plan calls for placing one of the buildings within 62.5 feet of the School House.

Developing this Office Complex will forever change the nature of this historic village. This type of development belongs at Ludwigs Corner or at Routes 113 & 401 not in the village.

We strongly ask the supervisors to reject the waivers asked for by Birchrun Village, LLC.

Huh. Well isn’t that just delightful? How do these people stay in office? Does West Vincent have a sunshine issue too? Lordy. (Did I mention yesterday someone asked me why I refused to patronize Birchrun Hills Farms at farm markets? They got an earful.)

Oh and here is the latest (and somewhat related) from Chickenman:


Monday’s meeting seems to be an interesting one for several reasons.
1. The Dunn TDR’s appear to be back. I have discussed this in depth with attachments and you should read it here:


This is where the Township defaulted on a signed agreement to buy the balance of Transferrable Development Rights from the Dunn Family. The Township, with no legal documentation, gave the Dunn’s a $50,000 deposit and then forfeited the money. Your money. The Dunn’s had the right to sue to force the township into the agreement but thankfully did not. Of course, the Township didn’t HAVE enough money to buy the Rights, they had spent it on other things.

Now the Township is back to the table. Let’s see if the Dunn’s deal to preserve a huge tract of land is finally honored for the agreed $1.33 million. Of course, any leverage they had vanished when their statute of limitations to sue expired back in November of 2011.

2. Nothing on the Dave Brown Restriction of Free Speech Resolution is listed. Don’t expect it to come back alive until after the election for Republican Committee people. He has to keep that quiet for now because nothing is more un-American than defiling the First Amendment. If people know about it, they won’t vote for him.

3. Birchrun Village is on the Agenda. The old Township Building in Birchrunville is being developed into a little shopping center. There are many issues including the amount of buildings and intrusion to the Pennsylvania mandated riparian buffer (no building within 150 of any waterway). Strangely, the same people that fight to protect the waters of the Birchrun are once again silent on this issue, just like with the Ken Miller, Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors pollution runoff the EPA documented and the brown water runoff from construction last year.

4. Lastly, according to Township e-mail subscribers, the Agenda that is sent every Friday before a meeting was never sent this week. With hot topics such as the Birchrun Village and the Dunn’s perhaps finally getting their money, I suspect the Supervisors don’t want people in attendance. I didn’t know that West Vincent could hit an even higher level of censorship. Will it ever plateau? Here is where you can see the agenda: http://www.westvincenttwp.org/images/docs/032612%20Agenda.pdf


To see my previous mailings please click on http://tinyurl.com/westvincentinfos As usual, if you want to be on or off my list, or have some comments or suggestions, or know someone who would like to be on the list, please let me know. Feel free to forward this email on to anyone you think might be interested. Especially though, if you don’t want to continue to receive my mails, please tell me, it will be done. Just hit reply to this email or write to chestercountynews@gmail.com

Best wishes


judgement day in west vincent

Hmmmm.  Seems like someone had better sell more  cheese?  So yes, it’s Judgement Day in West Vincent and it seems that some certain supervisor might want to consider the whole “judge not lest ye be judged” thing of it all?

What is behind Curtain Number OneCurtain Number TwoCurtain Number Three?

The irony of the photo I found and (it links back to Philly Homegrown) is it shows Sue Miller.  Hmmm, wonder what they did to get this super posed shot?  I don’t recall any of them being this pleasant the whole time they have been at Bryn Mawr Farmers Market.  I swear this woman in the photo was the one who was kind of rude to me the one time I tried to buy a little something from them.

You see, when the Millers come to market in Bryn Mawr they price for what they think Main Line prices should be.  Truthfully, their prices are worse than what I see in farm markets in the Hamptons.  Birchrun Hills Farm is incredibly over-priced in Bryn Mawr.  (The irony is that if you go to some other Farm to City Markets some vendors price differently from market to market and of course that is incredibly dumb because a lot of us patronize more than one market in season.)

The other thing about Birchrun Hills Farm is they make such a big deal out of their blue cheese.  Personally, I think it has the consistency of rubber and about as much flavor.  If you really want to taste excellent local cheeses try Shellbark Hollow or especially Yellow Springs (Yellow Springs really is front and center in goat cheese in my opinion.)

So, I wonder, since Mr. Miller purportedly partially farms on township i.e. taxpayer farm land does he offer residents a cheese discount ever?

the word of the day in west vincent is: TWADDLE

If Supervisor David Brown was Pinocchio they would be harvesting his nose on a tree farm by now.  Read The Daily Local.  It’s twaddliscious.  Remember his OWN campaign words???? (see below for his words and the article to follow)

So according to the Daily Local a lot of this has to do with a stacked meeting night mid-February? Who the heck stacks important meetings back to back like Supervisors and Zoning?  That is just dumb and hardly good government and generally not the best practice of most municipalities – David Brown lived in Lower Merion long enough (for example) to learn that zoning, commissioners/supervisors, and planning commission meetings are all of paramount importance deserving their own time, own record, and own meeting nights.  So you are telling me that West Vincent created this situation on their own?  Can it be considered by the way they schedule meetings that in and of itself is indicative of showing a disinterest in true public participation? And who are these mythical people asking Supervisor Brown to rescue them from public comment?  Clare Health Insurance Quinn and Ken The Goat Master Miller?

See David Brown’s in essence, campaign promises below — Good Government for West Vincent.   Supervisor Brown, how is that selective political Alzheimer’s working for you?

Good Government for West Vincent is

  • Government that knows and listens to its citizens
  • Government that taxes sparingly and fairly and uses what it receives carefully and effectively
  • Government that fosters a sense of community among all of its people
  • Government that seeks and uses the talents of all its people
  • Government whose process is equally open to everyone and whose results are fair to the most

This is what we believe. This is good government for West Vincent. We hope to create an environment within West Vincent where every citizen feels their quality of life is protected; that their issue receives fair process; that they have been heard.
West Vincent belongs to its citizens, and it’s their choice how well it runs

West Vincent constructing policy to regulate public comments

By SARA MOSQUEDA-FERNANDEZ smfernandez@dailylocal.com

Posted: 03/02/12 08:19 am

  According to Brown, after a board of supervisors’ meeting on Feb. 13, several residents expressed frustration at the length of the meeting, specifically toward the length at which some residents spoke during the public comments portion.

“Our purpose is to create a structure within which all West Vincent residents can speak freely at public meetings, rather than to continue permitting a few individuals to outtalk and outshout everyone else,” said Brown.  “Those outshouters complain that our intent is to limit public participation.  Nonsense.”

  Resident Tom Helwig, Republican committeeman for the township, said the policy is an attempt to hinder the comments of those with opposing viewpoints.

“I have not seen this type of censorship since the days of the old Soviet Union and Pravda,” said Helwig.

  Brown said that the individuals who complained about the length of the Feb. 13 meeting were frustrated, and that their participation was impeded on “by the uncontrolled verbosity of others.”