holiday open house at loch aerie!

Open house at Loch Aerie on Sunday 10, 2023 1 PM to 4 PM – please bring a non-perishable food item for Chester County Food Bank or a new unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots. Loch Aerie is a very special house and this is so awesome they are doing this! If you haven’t seen her since she was completely head to toe restore, come celebrate the holidays and give back.

gosh they got caught in …..wcasd…thanks philadelphia inquirer!

I wrote about this first thing this morning and am laughing, laughing, laughing. Now we will see if the Chesco DA’s office actually does anything, but people? This is WHY I tell you this election is SO important so we can quell this utter horseshit for a while. Polls are still open so get out and vote.


Cards distributed for a GOP school board candidate falsely suggested he was endorsed by Dems, parent group says

The cards, which Democrats say were handed out at multiple polling places, have Alain Oliver’s name on the front and the phrase “Democrats working together for public schools” on the back.

by Maddie Hanna Published Nov. 7, 2023, 4:07 p.m. ET

A parent group supporting Democratic school board candidates in the West Chester Area School District says cards were handed out Tuesday falsely implying a Republican candidate had the group’s endorsement.

The cards, which Democrats say were handed out at multiple polling places, have Alain Oliver’s name on the front and the phrase “Democrats working together for public schools” on the back. The phrase, color and handshake logo are similar to that used by Together for Public Schools, a parent group in the district that has endorsed the Democrats in the race.

”I was kind of shocked. We all kind of said, ‘This is like cartoon villain material,’” said Laura Patarcity, a parent who was involved in designing Together for Public Schools’ logo. “It’s clearly deceptive, if not outright fraudulent.”

The cards say they were paid for by Back to Basics WC, the PAC supporting Oliver and the other Republican candidates.

“The business cards in question were specifically requested by a volunteer who is a registered Democrat,”  said Beth Ann Rosica, Back to Basics WC co-chair. “We purchased the cards for him to use at polling locations near his home. The candidate, Alain Oliver, was not handing out the cards. The purchase and distribution of the cards is compliant with all campaign finance rules.”

Oliver is executive director of the Love and Fidelity Network, an organization that promotes “pro-family and pro-life education and activities on college campuses.”

Ahhh notice a familiar name? BETH ANN ROSICA. Allow me to refresh your memory:


Chester County judge reinstates 5 previously axed West Chester school board members in mask case — for now

I could go on, but I won’t. It all makes sense now. Stay tuned for what happens when a cranky old man runs a Republican committee in Charlestown….stuff gets out….

#vote chester county

Get out and #vote Chester County.

Don’t just talk about it, do it !

From one end of Chester County to the other our lives, our way of life, where we call home, and the future of our children depend upon it.

If you don’t get out and vote, we will all end up with the government we deserve.

dear qvc…

Dear QVC,

I will admit I don’t understand the religion of the Q. I have ordered a few things over the years like a garden hat or a plant I wanted to try. I have darkened the doors of your outlet store in Frazer once in a while, mostly out of curiosity. So I am not a devotee, merely familiar.

But let’s dish a minute, shall we?

That billboard is atrocious and you are still in West Chester and a lot of your on air folks live local so we know unless they live under a rock, people HATE this billboard yet here you are contributing to distracted driving and presenting a danger to nature and migrating birds? This billboard can be seen from space, not just at the intersection of Route 29 and route 30 in East Whiteland Township, Chester County

Then there is your outlet store. First of all, you make enough money that it should look nicer inside for both the customers and more importantly, your employees. The Goodwill store that used to be in the shopping center was better put together and looked nicer than your store..

But there is another problem with your outlet store. And the problem is you don’t do anything about the customers going shopping in your store that park on the sidewalk and in the fire lane. Your customers are not the only guilty ones, the others are the ones going to pick up their bottles at the liquor store.

So since you got your start, and Chester county, one, would hope you would have a little more respect for the residents where you have your outlet store. Some retailers around here have discovered that advertising on giant billboards are bad for business. You have a cult like following, so most likely you won’t have that problem, but there are the optics to be considered.

Stop being a bad neighbor, QVC.

philly style politics on election day in WCASD and more election day amusements/bemusements

Democrats Did NOT do this. This is FAKE.

Just so we are clear, the Democrats did not endorse this candidate. He is a dark money, Klanned, Karenhood candidate.

If you are handed one of these palm cards at a pole that serves the West Chester Area School District please turn it in to the people who are there to watch the polls.

And if you are in the Downingtown Area School District, and you are handed a frisbee for a Klanned, Karenhood candidate named Duanne please also report it.

And to the Save Lionville Station Farm folks, I caution you were throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If you vote in the Klanned Karenhood slate of school board directors, you will regret it for decades to come. I mean you guys don’t like the solicitor for the school district right? Then why give his types a win?

I don’t forget that county commissioner candidate, who always seems to be running for something…. and he hails from West Goshen which should be reason enough NOT to vote for him…

do your political homework before you create dumb ass lawn signs and other thoughts on election eve.

I love pretzel logic the day before Election Day in Chester County. If the sign above is what Republicans actually want why is Trump still a free range flannel mouth?

Or what about certain Republicans of years gone by in Chester County and other PA locales who DID experience amazing falls from grace like….

Bob Asher ( :

1987 conviction

While chairman of the Republican State Committee of PennsylvaniaAsher was convicted of perjury, racketeering, conspiracy and bribery in connection with a state contract award. He resigned after the conviction and served one year in federal prison.[8][9] The case gained national attention in 1987 when his co-defendant in that case and political ally, Pennsylvania State Treasurer Budd Dwyer, committed suicide on television just before sentencing.

Ernie Preate (

He was elected Attorney General of Pennsylvania in 1988, taking office in 1989. He was re-elected in 1992, but resigned that position in 1995 after being charged with federal racketeering and corruption. He pleaded guilty to mail fraud involving a $20,000.00 campaign contribution[8] and served a year in Federal prison.[3][6][9]

And of course not to be forgotten he who shall not be named out loud from Chester County, Theodore S.A. Rubino. And I am not mentioning this to hurt members of the Rubino family, but this is part of the political history of Chester County. That’s actually germane to this conversation isn’t it?

New York Times: Republican Leader Is Indicted Sept. 25, 1976

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 24 (AP) — A Federal grand jury has indicted Theodore S.A. Rubino, chairman of the Chester County Republican Party, on an extortion charge, according to the United States Attorney’s office. Mr. Rubino; 66 years old, was charged yesterday with extorting $6,400 from an architectural concern in connection with a renovation project at Memorial Hospital in West Chester.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Witness to a revolution

Retired Chester County Judge Lawrence E. Wood chronicled a crusade that remade Chesco politics.

by By Kathleen Brady Shea, Inquirer Staff Writer
Published March 6, 2008

Rankled by pay-to-play politics, a “rambunctious bunch” of renegade Republicans revved into action in 1970, ultimately prompting reforms that would alter Chester County history.

Decades after the upstarts challenged the entrenched GOP’s balance of power, a former organizer has written a book chronicling the David and Goliath-style uprising.

Author Lawrence E. Wood, who retired from the Chester County Court bench in October 2006, said for years he and the late State Sen. Robert J. Thompson had discussed writing about their 10-year struggle to break the stranglehold of party boss Theodore S.A. Rubino, who was eventually jailed for extortion.

Wood said Thompson’s death in January 2006 kicked him into high gear. Less than two years later, Wood’s self-published….Written in a conversational style, the book juxtaposes Wood’s narrative with news clips and recollections from other “independent Republicans,” including Wood’s wife, Rennie; Irene Brooks, Chester County’s first female commissioner; Mickie Deery, whose late husband, Stu, bucked the party and won election as county treasurer; and Rep. Joe Pitts, a long-serving state representative who is now a member of Congress.

Central to the group’s discontent was the fact that Rubino, a Malvern contractor who owned the Knickerbocker Landfill in East Whiteland Township, was the party chair as well as the head of the county commissioners….Republicans have controlled the county’s three-member governing body since the Civil War and Rubino’s power was virtually unbounded, a situation he encouraged.

“Ted ran the county party with a strong hand, and enforced party discipline when he thought people were stepping out of line,” Wood writes, recalling that he was reamed out by Rubino in 1967 for supporting a non-endorsed candidate.

Rubino’s subsequent refusal to allow open primaries and secret ballots – procedures that could have eroded his control – led the insurgents to run their own candidates, including Wood and Stu Deery….He makes it clear that Rubino-bashing is not his goal. In fact, he credits the GOP titan, who died in 1989, with creating numerous social-service agencies, including the county Health Department.

“Unfortunately, our story makes sense only when considered against the background of his story,” Wood writes….The bulk of the text focuses on the ragtag efforts of the disenchanted Republicans to get elected, a process Wood relates with suspense, awe and self-deprecating humor. Ultimately, the group made inroads, securing many of the reforms they had sought so passionately….”Like the last act of a Greek drama, it could now be seen that the true catastrophe lay in not recognizing the pitfalls of making one person both the political leader and the governmental leader,” Wood writes….He said he hopes readers will be inspired to get involved and “shake things up” once in a while.

“If you let people get too comfortable, you wind up with bad organizations and bad candidates,” he said.

We also can’t talk school for scandal with Chester County Republicans without mentioning another he who shall not be named yet is- Val DiGiorgio.

New York Magazine: SEXTING JUNE 25, 2019
Pennsylvania GOP Chair Resigns Amid Sexting Scandal

By Ed Kilgore, political columnist

These are trying times for Pennsylvania Republicans. They had a very bad midterm election last year, losing four U.S. House seats and doing poorly in Senate and gubernatorial races. Right now, they’re looking down the barrel of 2020 polls that show native son Joe Biden trouncing Donald Trump in the Keystone State despite the president’s heavy dependence on a win there.

At least they’ll now get some new blood in the party leadership thanks to a sexting scandal that has swallowed up state party chairman Val DiGiorgio. Last fall, he allegedly initiated a flirtatious and then sexually explicit Facebook Messenger dialogue with a Republican candidate for Philadelphia City Council, Irina Goldstein, which lasted until this February, when she terminated the communications. She ultimately decided to turn over the whole stack of messages to the Philadelphia Inquirer, including a type of photo DiGiorgio sent of himself that is known by the technical term dick pic. A day later, DiGiorgio resigned. The Inquirersummarized the revelations:

Irina Goldstein says she didn’t immediately recognize the man who sent her a Facebook friend request in October, after she had commented on a group photo that included him …

“I’m running for City Council,” she messaged him, when she realized who he was. “Next time you’re in Philly, I’d be honored to buy you coffee.”

That began a barrage of messages over two days, Goldstein said, that swung from her seeking his advice and support to flirtation and then sexually charged exchanges that included DiGiorgio sending her a photo of an erect penis.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. GOP chairman Val DiGiorgio resigns after report about interactions with Philly Council candidate

by Angela Couloumbis, Staff Writer, Liz Navratil, and Chris Brennan
Updated 1:40 p.m. ET
Published Jun. 25, 2019, 12:53 p.m. ET

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio resigned Tuesday after The Inquirer reported that he had traded sexually explicit messages with a onetime GOP candidate for Philadelphia City Council….In some of his messages to Goldstein, reviewed by The Inquirer, DiGiorgio expressed a weariness about politics.

“It’s a soul-sucking business,” he wrote. “You bend a rule here. And compromise your principles there. You lose yourself.”

In another, from December of last year, DiGiorgio wrote, “It’s a lousy business,” adding: “If I had to do it again I would have taken another path.”

And by the way, for what it’s worth, it took two to tango with what happened to DiGiorgio. I’m not justifying the behavior because it’s gross. But in that last article I have posted an excerpt from I actually remember at the time, finding his words interesting about being in and around politics. About it being soul sucking. It is soul sucking. And if you can’t play the game you’re out and that’s both parties. Which, of course, begs the question of why hasn’t the game been changed yet?

And there are plenty of Democrats from all over the state who have faced similar issues as these four Republicans I pointed out.

People, my point is throughout history BOTH parties have had filthy, unclean hands. And that dear readers, is the inconvenient truth to the BS.

That sign I opened with has been showing up at Republican events. These photos were publicly posted on Facebook recently.

But the day before election day is the perfect time to remind people that saying Democrats are 100% responsible for Danelo Cavalcante escaping is as ludicrous and ridiculous as that incorrect assertion that Chester County was a sanctuary county when it was under Republican control. Here is an article from 2017 , or the LAST time that urban legend was debunked:

Is Chester County a sanctuary county? Millions of dollars in federal aid to programs that assist county residents potentially hangs in the answer to that question.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order last week that could strip funding for so-called sanctuary cities, which don’t arrest or detain immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Cincinnati, are among the cities that have declared themselves places where illegal immigrants would not face detentions from local police or officials….The Center for Immigration Studies, which bills itself as a non-partisan research organization, listed the county on its unofficial report of sanctuary cities and counties. The information is available on its website,, with the organization citing a 2014 report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement pointing to a policy in place at the Chester County Prison stating that it will not detain a suspect “solely because of an accusation of being here illegally.”…A statement issued by county spokesperson Becky Brain flatly declared that, “Chester County is not a sanctuary county” despite the practices at the prison and how they might be interpreted by outside groups.

“Chester County Prison’s policy regarding individuals who are committed on an ICE detainer only (with no other pending charges or holds) conforms to the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court precedent, and more specifically the recent Third Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision,” the statement reads. “The county does nothing to impede or prevent federal law enforcement authorities from performing their job duties, and Chester County maintains a cooperative interaction with ICE officials in these matters.”

Brain also said that, since the county does not consider itself “a sanctuary county and complies fully with the law, we will work vigorously to ensure the county continues to receive appropriate federal funding and not be penalized.”

~Michael P Rellahan
PUBLISHED: February 1, 2017 at 3:47 p.m. | UPDATED: August 22, 2021 at 3:31 a.m.
Categories:Local News, News, Patriot Item, Patriot Item News

Now, once again, don’t let truth get in the way of delusions, and this whole issue surfaced again during the whole Danelo Cavalcante of it all. It was brought to you by the same people who were sending out emails about Josh Maxwell recently.

But if we’re going to talk about Chester County prison again and put the event in email equivalents to robocalls and put it on lawn signs, then you have to be factual and accurate. And the truth of the matter is there’s a lot of blame to go around and the greatest irony of all is the pattern of problems for this prison in our county started while the county was under complete Republican control.

This is why it is so important for people to do research and even important to learn the political history of where they live and political process. Sadly a great regional example of the politics of extremism are ruining this country is right here in Chester County.

What Chester County needs is a return to balance, not a continuation of whichever political party gets all the toys wins.

If we all want to play the political blame game, we will be here for years. The Republican Party in Chester County is not going to exist on revisionist history because why? Easy, past is prologue.

But fair is fair and if we are going to point, the finger, you need to point it at the Democrats as well, because they haven’t learned yet that past is prologue. If the Democrats in Chester County don’t right their own ship, they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes of the people they took over power from.

So tomorrow, when you go to the polls, don’t be afraid to cross party lines for better candidates. Don’t be afraid to have a balance of power. Don’t be afraid to mix up the ticket. Just make sure you understand who your candidates are and what your candidates are about before you vote for them.

And above all else stop letting extremism groups meddle in our politics. And if you talk smack politics on social media but can’t get off your lazy asses to go vote tomorrow, then people get the government they deserve. Which leads me to the next paragraph which is a BUT study.

Yes, there is a BUT…and that sadly is if past is indeed prologue there will not be big voter turnout because of the people who think off year election cycles don’t matter except they do because these are the elections that affect where we call home.

So vote and vote intelligently.

oh grandpa please and in case you were wondering WHY people think west goshen is like a toxic waste dump.

So let’s review: a man who worked for West Goshen killed himself recently. First we find out that the widow is suing the township and then there were political signs defaced – only Democrat candidates with the word “Murderer.” And the West Goshen Republican Committee then issued an edict from on high (or down low?) and if you recall I wondered about how coincidental it all was?

Then the police nabbed the sign defacer:

Then people learn the offender is a member of the highly dysfunctional West Goshen Republican Committee:

Then guy resigns as committeeman and I remark I was surprised the guy had time due to his busy TikTok account and You Tube with his wifey – and PS they say she was mail order/correspondence bride NOT ME.

So yeah all sorts of people have been talking about this TikTok phenomenon etc right? But oh no, knee jerk guy sends me a love note this morning like my name is really Al Gore and I created the Internet and all it’s problems:

So I am a disgusting, bigoted pig? You have a low opinion of women who are not subservient to you I suppose? Biggest problem with your assertion as to my character is I never said one thing about your wife’s nationality or referenced it in a derogatory manner. Nor would I. I actually don’t think that. I just hope she’s always treated well.

But since you opened the door to this conversation, YOU and SHE have created a public figure status vis-à-vis the two TikTok accounts and the You Tube account and whatever other platforms she is using. What blows my mind other than that video where you/she discuss how you met…is the 40 + year age gap. All I kept thinking of was that Sex & The City episode where Samantha dates an old man…

But YOU put it out there and there are SO many videos and apparently there are plenty of TikTok users who have said quite a lot aboot your 40+ year age difference. Allow me to summarize: it’s not just May/December it’s May/December in different centuries , isn’t it? And since you made it public, it’s creepy A.F.

So that is not just my opinion and others all over social media like Just the Facts Please on Facebook have commented on your umm life you’ve made public on social media platforms, but he’s a man so you don’t call him a disgusting, bigoted pig, etc do you? Mysoginidc much, grandpa?

One of my male friends describes you as derf.

In case you are suffering a memory lapse, y’all said right on TikTok how you met ⬇️

So let’s also go to the West Goshen portion of your comments. Because you actually disclosed something that West Goshen had not disclosed and you claim in your comments that they made the gentleman that killed himself pay back his overtime?


And if you know where this squirrel time comp time overtime “rule” whatever is codified as in written down please do share because West Goshen taxpayers have been paying for this right? So your comment/rant on this blog indicates you have inside information? How do you have inside knowledge?

And also important is if you knew this man was mentally fragile and that he had been bullied etc. on the job in this municipality why are you only saying something now? If you really cared about the man, why didn’t you do something about it at the time?

Once again, so we’re all clear here, I never knew this guy who sent me the vile love note existed on this planet until he started scribbling on campaign signs the word “murderer.” And even then I didn’t know who he actually was until the police announced who he was and then I was inundated with messages from people in West Goshen.

And ALL of this crazy social media stuff is PUBLIC, so why isn’t he getting nasty with all of TikTok etc? I sure as shit didn’t discover any of this information, people his own community and the Internet have been talking about it for quite a while, apparently. Anyone who knows me knows that TikTok’s not really my jam, so I pay very little attention to it normally.

I am still wondering why exactly is any of this my fault? The answer of course is it is not, but I am a woman still younger than he is, but closer to his age range that thinks this is all a little odd.

And me, expressing that opinion with all this public stuff on the Internet they put there is not illegal. And I have not said one word about his wife’s nationality. So her nationality is perhaps his hang up? She’s a beautiful girl, but she should be out clubbing, going to college, shopping with her girlfriends, having age appropriate fun, not catering to a senior citizen in training.

Good Lord, West Goshen. What do you people put in the water over? Did something escape from the sewage treatment plant and infect the residents or what?

Just another day in the unending soap opera mostly political called As The Chester County turns.

Maybe good old West Goshen Paul, who sends me love notes should also watch Hallmark movies. It might improve his disposition. If not, he can continue to dance on TikTok.

hysterical election funnies that can’t be blamed on me

I am sure that this politician is blaming everyone but himself here. And I honestly don’t know who the creator of this is but they have kept me giggling.

And this:*/Chris%20Bressi

More here:

Thank you fearless lampooner. These would make great signs for Election Day 🤣 but I don’t think it’s allowed? And gosh Pick-Your-Title-Bressi and you thought I was the biggest thorn in your side mocking your Goodfellas attire at casual picnics?

In the end dude, no matter what you claim your motivation was, you CHOSE to become a politician. You are reaping what you have sown. A lot of voters are sheeple, but not all. And the Philadelphia Inquirer is hardly fake news.*/Chris%20Bressi

but wait there is always more as the politics of desperation amp up in chester county….so vote for josh maxwell just because he makes the cuckoo birds nervous…🤣

So I think Josh Maxwell is a pretty good dude. He is responsive and pleasant and tries to help his constituency, and he doesn’t look at them as Democrats or Republicans. He looks at them as the people he is supposed to help regardless of political affiliation, race, creed, color, sexual identity. This, of course, terrifies certain people.

So there is a group that’s kind of like the group that unites all the crazy extremism groups in Chester County. It’s called Chesco United and they sent around an email recently. I think I’ll share it with you now:

File under typical lies and bullshit a few days before an election. Danelo Cavalcante held us all hostage for a couple of weeks. But the reason he got out is not the fault personally of Josh Maxwell. That’s ludicrous.

I said all along when the whole Cavalcante of it all was happening that there was plenty of blame to go around in Chester County. The problems at the Chester County prison haven’t just miraculously occurred since the Democrats came into power in County Row in Chester County. This argument is like that other inane thing that has been floating around and that is saying that Chester County is a sanctuary county when it’s not. I mean the example they were pointing back to was the timeframe when the county was complete Republican control so I don’t think that dog hunts either. But hey, don’t let logic ever get in the way of insanity.

But if you want to know exactly why you should treat Chesco United email like the SPAM it is look no further than their group on Facebook and who the Admins are:

Ada as in Ada Nestor, the QAnon princess and West Goshen Republican Committee Chihuahua. After watching her failed attempt as a politician and running for school board, I have decided she’s an ankle biter so I liken her to a Chihuahua. She will, of course say I’m being racist because she has one scintilla Hispanic DNA or something, but that’s not it at all, she’s an ankle biter.

And as for the West Goshen Republican Committee well this week alone shows how messed up they are, doesn’t it? I mean it was their committee person until he resigned, who was running around scribbling murderer on campaign signs, right? But he shouldn’t have needed to do that, he has a mail order wifey who keeps him busy on TikTok right?

Allow me to refresh the class on #AnonymousAda:

Anyway, Tuesday can’t come fast enough for me. But I already voted and I did indeed vote for Josh Maxwell. I can’t control who any of you vote for, but you should be intelligent enough to know that when there’s a Republican County Commissioner candidate out of West Goshen Township who is always running yet never quite seems to catch anything, that emails like this make screwball sense don’t they? This is why these emails are coming out, he’s one of them isn’t he? And this guy couldn’t even get elected as a West Goshen stupidvisor there so would you want him as a county commissioner? That’s Dave Sommers.

Anyway, these people want to open up a can of worms in time for election day only they’re not operating with clean hands. So please don’t accept fake news when it gets text messaged to you, Robo called to you , or emailed to you.

Who you vote for is your business. But if groups like this are telling you not to vote for someone, then you might want to consider that’s exactly who you should vote for. In this case, it’s Josh Maxwell.

And if you know where they bought their mailing list from to send this drivel, please do tell. They seem to have bought someone’s business email list because a lot of the emails are going to people’s business email addresses, not personal email addresses.

Chesco United is a group who believes our inalienable rights are subjective. They are not.

OK I’m going go watch a Hallmark Christmas movie now. And yes, I actually do admit to watching them. It’s better than constantly watching the politics in Chester County with these crazy groups, which are more like a made for Lifetime TV movie.

fire lane sidewalk parking shaming

Illegal fire lane and sidewalk parking in Lincoln Court Shopping Center in Frazer, East Whiteland Township is so obnoxious. And it’s posted and the police ticket ALL OF THE TIME.

Don’t be like these people.